Worst Hits

by Serenity Now!




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released 14 May 2013

Mikey Burrell - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Gabe Delorme - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Cameron Mueller - Drums
Ben Di Nunzio - Back-up Vocals (Centennial Nights, Don't Forget To Breathe)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at "112 Studios" (Toronto, ON) between February 2012 and March 2013.
Engineer - Mikey Burrell
Assistant Engineer - Gabriel Delorme
Mixed and Masterered by Mikey Burrell
Produced by "Serenity Now!"
Lyrics written by Mikey Burrell and Gabriel Delorme
All songs written by "Serenity Now!"
"112 Records" 2013

Artwork [Front Cover Art] - Ben Di Nunzio




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Track Name: Centennial Nights
stay here with me / we'll take a walk down the path by the creek on bloor street / well I came up short again but I shrug it off and I just pretend / maybe I never said it // well the hunters still call and the summer always ends too early for my guts / I still get shaky around labour day but you can never remember the events before the fall // we threw it all away / we were paranoid that we might get caught / broke into the soccer stadium and played mini-golf at three a.m. / I was waiting for the others orders // /// So when we're all alone we'll dance to the tunes that raised us / we'll lose ourselves again / I hope we're never found / I hope I drown drown drown in the sheets and the arms that take me / the arms that take me / 'cause lonely days make for rainy ways / even when there's sunshine I'm trapped in my mind and I'm losing pace /// these fields that I call my own, different now but they're still my own / should've met the the friend I made hazed out in a distant dream / eyes wide and now he's gone // ///
Track Name: Sons
we ran all night through snow and hail / strangers are waking but we never slept / get out of bed / dry those drowning eyes / build it up in your own design / all the colours ran wild and the lines were overdrawn / as time picked out her favourites I was forced to prove them wrong / I framed my own adventures, found redemption in these songs / you’ll never learn to speak if you just keep shouting out // we found we’re nothing alone / afraid of heights but I just looked down / I see you speaking but I hear no sound / we are the sons of nothing now / we are the sons of nothing / obituary's blank / we were never here / so pick me up now / bring me into focus / and say to me what’s really on your mind // we won’t pretend / we’ve got this burden as proof / we won’t surrender but sometimes we will / we hold the torch with unsteady hands and from this perch we watch and take notes / hold tight / if I might / I’ll guide you safely through the mist, I know my way around this / through open fields, hack hope until it peels / and try to spark a few to join us in this truce // you despise me but I do that myself / self-hatred always leading me down this path / I wake up and I shake it off / but it sinks back in in a minute or less
Track Name: Duck, Sally Sparrow!
since when does innocence turn it’s back on what it knows / unless, I guess, it’s just a phase fading in and out / live our lives awkwardly through subway stares and angry glares / the ink ran long ago so we make it as we flow / a guide we'll never know / push my life up against the walls of this broken house / I felt the tremors, watched everything I loved gathering dust / go a little crazy with the duct tape across your lips / say you’re sorry and we’ll move forwards, onwards till we skip and return to our old tricks // can’t even blink let alone sleep / or they’ll catch up to me / ghost hands are on the wheel / but I’m a life they’ll never steal // // ghost hands are on the wheel / come on and teach me how / I can learn to heal / and live a life they’ll never steal
Track Name: Don't Forget To Breathe
well I appreciate the stars showing me the way but all they do is keep me up / so bright and so little to say / I'ma need a gift from you, one of your lighters for the brightest of fires / we'll smoke them all away and leave the ends to burn these days // don't forget to breathe / don't forget to breathe as you wait for me // and it's so nice to see you up and awake / and it's so great to see that smile back on your face / but it doesn't feel quite right / it's an act and I'm not buying / oh I've been there before / you pulling the wool over us all / even if you could I say you give it up and you start all over / shit could always get worse / even if you could I say you give it up and you start all over now / shit could always get worse // we're turning tables one by one / can we start all over now? / we were far too young to live the lives we'll never lead / won't you open me up? / won't you dig in these cuts? / I've laid it all out for you but it's all left on the table // don't forget / I've placed the last of my bets
Track Name: Run Like Children
we were tired of living like slaves / we were tired of swearing to change our ways / and now that we’re alive you’ll never catch us back in this dive 'cause // now we run like children / chase after morning lights that mark the end of our nights, let's sleep them way / hold on to your memories, they’ll make you feel so young / it’s just you and those thoughts inside that head of yours, it’s true // and I was holding out for the perfect words to see if I could summon them as I pressured myself / and now the engine screams / it's got some place to be / and I don’t think I’ll make it for the ride / so calm, so calm, so calm I know and / everybodies got their window / a price for all the cost / still so much shit to do / I know I'll be old too soon / I let faces drift away / we'll never graduate / from our roundabouts and limo states so so say the things you shouldn't say // and I showed mercy, that's why I never called / momma bear says you're getting too close / and I was forewarned by a ghost / take my hand and we'll fight it off 'till we feel better / 'till we feel better //
Track Name: Demons
it’s so easy to fall asleep when the music’s playing and you’re dancing off the beat / with your eyes you take, you take me to the darkest places, take me to the darkest places / these wounds I carry with pride and there’s nothing like the torture you gave me for a while / my heart is burning up / I want to take the keys out and turn the engine off // ‘cause I’m tired and I’m broken and the air is getting thin / I was left here underwater with your bullets in my skin / and the days only get longer as the spiders cast their webs / so take my hand and we’ll fall asleep // so now I’ll try to make amends for whatever it was I did to deserve this punishment / so take these pills from my hand / if there’s one thing that makes me human it’s that I try the best I can / to stay alive until the end / these demons that I run with, they’re almost like friends / right now I feel okay but it keeps on getting harder ‘cause I see them every day // /// and we’ll fly yeah we'l fly / fly into the darkest clouds / spread our wings and rise above / and that’s when we fall asleep
Track Name: Blinders
eye to eye we had nothing to say / time took too long to freeze away / minds were failing / ideas were stalling / so much for making memories // don't tell me time's tick, ticking down my neck / I hate this conscience, it beat me up for weeks / go ahead, go ahead and get it off your chest but tell me like cliffsnotes tells shakespeare at it's best // we dug deep enough 'till our hands were rough / we found what we were looking for on the bedrock floors of our bedroom walls / you criticized me every day until I changed your tune / then you said to keep it up so, I kept it up, so I kept it up // /// I'm only here for so long / I close my eyes but all I find is I can't see with these blinders on / I'd even settle for the eye of the storm /// I think I fear too much / I come off like an asshole when I run, I run, I run my mouth / subjective art of conversation / I used to pride myself on having the best set of ears in the land / now I'd like to bury them in the sand /// //
Track Name: Figured Out
I think I've got this figured out / I feel closer to you now / well it's bright and cold but the world surely hasn't ended / though mine almost did / we bitch and complain like we never want it / we sound off again like we never need it / and I'll pretend to watch it all go down in flames as we're gaining steam // and I sat there surrounded by people trying too hard to swallow their pride but at least they held on to feel that, feel that breath again / when you're drowning without friends don't let anyone water it down // but let it go on / oh, let it go on / I think I've got this figured out / I feel closer to you now / all these chemicals they warped my brain from the very get go / I hope you never catch up / these roads I build myself only go one way / these roads I build myself always end in a cliff / these bridges I cross, they cross nothing at all / these bridges I hate, they make the world too small / so why bend over? / why try when nothing really matters at all? / it gives them hope / ties 'em up well I hope I never ever ever know / and you know those lights you always said were too bright? they finally burnt out trying to keep you happy / night after night and day after day, in muted screams, today we're not okay // you've been away for too long / and you hate to see it / you hate to be it / you just can't leave it behind / 'cause when we breathe / we bring happiness to our family and our friends / don't you ever let them down / it's not for you, it's for them
Track Name: Like This
tie my hands up tight and knot it so the blood won’t reach my fingertips / cloak my faulty heart hide it in a cave that’s full of trap holes / cut out from the world sinking in an endless tide washed away I’m in over my head / I know you’re on my side and I don’t want to die but I don’t think I’m strong enough to live a life like this / and are you sure that I’m on course? I’ve been drifting so long that I can’t see the distance between our hearts / there’s so much left to do there’s so much that I’ve wanted to but I needed you right here // I’m sick of the shit / I’m sick of the noise / I think I’ll just quit / at least ‘till I’m bored / so take one more step / man overboard / patch up my tires / that I could be yours //